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Your facial begins with our talented, licensed and experienced Esthetician who analyzes your doshic skin type and makes the appropriate recommendations for your unique and specific condition.  Based on this analysis, our products uniquely integrate knowledge and tools from advanced science with the ageless wisdom of traditional Ayurveda to create remarkable results.  

We use all natural Ayurvedic products, fresh fruits and herbs to ensure the freshest, cleanest experience with no chemical residues or unexpected results.  You will feel and see the difference!  All facials include various exfoliation techniques according to skin type, steam therapy, healing masks, and facial massage.  After your session we can also advise you as to proper skin care and many of our products used during your session are available for purchase for your use at home.



•Organic Fresh Fruit facial:  This soothing facial utilizes fresh organic fruits, herbs, honey and dairy products chosen in accordance with your body and skin type. After a gentle cleansing the skin is moisturized with steam.  This is followed by exfoliation using custom selected herbs or fruits.  Healing is continued with extraction, if needed, followed by a nourishing mask. Finally you’ll enjoy a relaxing facial massage incorporating the facial Marma points. (60 minutes, $90.00)


Nirmala Deep Cleansing facial: This is the best facial for oily skin, and those who are prone to get black heads and acne. A highly therapeutic facial which cleanses, hydrates detoxes and nourishes the skin.  Mild exfoliation and extractions are done as needed. High frequency and an antibacterial mask kills harmful bacteria preventing further infection and acne flare ups.   The highly effective Ayurvedic acne serum combined with a soothing moisturizer further accentuates the healing process, resulting in clearer and smoother skin.  Recommended as a series of treatments for best results. (60 minutes, $100.00)

Amrutha Aroma Therapy Facial: A blissful experience from beginning to end. This facial incorporates essential oils which are used in all aspects of the facial, and are carefully chosen according to your skin type or condition. It all starts with a cleanse and exfoliation, followed by steam and facial massage incorporating the facial Marma points, and culminates with a moisturizing mask.  Suitable for all skin types, this facial enhances the clarity and tone of the skin. For clients with rosacea, a cooling herbal mist is used to alleviate the symptoms. (60 minutes, $100.00)

 Ahalya Anti-Aging Facial: This rejuvenative facial is good for all types of clear skin. Smoothly polished hot and cold stones are used to deeply relax facial muscles, tone the skin and help diminish wrinkles and facial lines.  Doshic balanced oils are applied which nourish the skin. Not recommended for those with problem acne. (45 minutes, $75.00- without mask, 60 minutes, $110.00- with mask)

 Kalyani Facial: This unique facial starts with a mild cleansing and gentle exfoliation.  A facial massage using a custom prepared, warm Herbal Bolus deeply relaxes the facial muscles. The Bolus nourishes and tones the skin by infusing the healing herbs which are customized to your body and skin type. Good for all types of clear skin.  (60 minutes, $110.00)

 •Shankara Gentleman’s Facial: This is a therapeutic treatment that addresses the unique concerns of men such as ingrown hairs and sensitive or irritated skin. A deep cleanse, exfoliation and Ayurvedic mask will assist in treating a variety of skin conditions. (60 minutes, $100.00)

 •Microdermabrasion: Tiny granules are used to gently buff away dark spots on the surface layer of the skin. This resurfacing treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles and helps to smooth coarsely textured skin.  Also good for decreasing the appearance of scarring, reducing pore size and minimizing hyper-pigmentation. Recommended as a series of treatments for best results.  (Face only $100.00, Face and Neck $125.00, Face, Neck and Décolleté $150.00)

 Naranga Treatment for Hyper-pigmentation: Fresh oranges and other citrus fruits are used in conjunction with the Galvanic treatment to lighten freckles and dark spots deeply enhancing your complexion.  This treatment begins with a cleansing, followed by steam therapy, an orange mask and facial massage using plant extracts and serums.  A series of 10-12 weekly visits are recommended for persistent concerns. (45 minutes, $90.00)

 Back Treatment: Utilizing the the same procedures as a basic facial. This treatment cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the back, followed by a detoxifying and energizing mask. Extractions performed as necessary.  Finally the back is hydrated to restore the normal balance of the skin. (60 minutes, $120.00)

 Add-on Treatments:

•Champissage Scalp Massage (30 minutes, $35.00)

•Pada Abhyanga (Foot Massage) (30 minutes, $35.00)

•Sunetra Eye Treatment (Reduces dark circles, puffy/baggy eyes) (30 minutes, $35.00)